This is the story behind the most successful and consistent Social Media meet-up in Nigeria. It has been a huge learning opportunity running with the #AdoptATweep vision. Thank you for standing by me and the amazing team that has made it a huge success. This is the story in my own words.

Tip:  If you have zero tolerance for long reads, I recommend that you watch the video below. 

How it all began:

As a student of life, participatory observation is one thing I embrace at all times. I remember with nostalgia my journey into the world of Twitter. It all started with a light hearted attempt at a debate featuring my colleague in the work place, @Bialalori and myself. He was going on and on about this social media platform called Twitter. I tried to understandably inform him that Facebook holds more sway as far as social networking was concerned. To cut a long story short, he was able to extract an unconditional promise from me to learn more about twitter.

Not long after this, I was privileged to attend a Social Media Marketing boot camp organised by my friend and peer mentor, @ofilispeaks. I paid my way to Lagos from the non-traffic laden city of Abuja. The take away for me from the event was that there was something called social traffic and that Twitter is a very important driver of social traffic. I quickly connected the dots between what I had earlier learnt from my colleague and what I learnt from Ofili on getting back to Abuja. I wrote about this in detail here.


p style=”font-size: 16px;”>Armed with this new level of understanding, I set out to implement all that I had learnt. Six months down the line, the simple strategies worked. I was elated and could hardly keep it all to myself. I was determined to explore this sphere as much as possible and encourage as many folks as I can to do same. That was the beginning of the pleasantly strange project. I had inadvertently berthed #AdoptATweep. First Tweet is the deepest:

I equally shared the tweet below to bring some form of clarity to the entire concept.


p style=”font-size: 16px;”>The training announcement:

This was a real courageous posting on my part. The sheer thought that folks will subscribe and the effrontery to put out such an announcement. Thankfully, several people reverted and the initial value proposition can be summarized as below:

  • Aimed at teaching three lucky individuals how to become influential on twitter
  • An entirely free service. It is a representation of my personal twitter social responsibility
  • A full 100% discounted event that teaches simple twitter growth tips
  • The #AdoptATweep session is free and will always be
  • It will endeavour to teach folks how to create brands that will attract attention on Twitter.

Then tomorrow came:


p style=”font-size: 16px;”>It was simply brilliant. The shared joy was just organic and that was the beginning of a beautiful thing. At the end of the pioneer session, a new date was fixed for the next training.

That was just the start. It has seen a series of innovation over the years. The initial monthly plan was reviewed to become a quarterly event. It has seen several collaborations and partnership. To do a proper roll call and appreciation further down in this post.

What on earth is #AdoptATweep?


#AdoptATweep is a combination of three words viz; Adopt, A and Tweep. The only unusual term to a non twitter user is “Tweep” which is twitter lingo meaning “peep” in regular usage. Adopt means adding a tweep and a Tweep refers to someone who uses the Twitter Social Media platform to drive dialogue.

In summary, #AdoptATweep means opening up strategies that will see twitter users engage in healthy conversation, follow themselves on twitter and if possible move the conversation from on-line interaction to offline engagement. It is an innovative event aimed at empowering people to create brands that will attract attention on Twitter. The project involves a quarterly offline event that gathers young entrepreneurs and twitter users to learn twitter growth secrets at a 100% discounted fee. In other words, free. To ensure sustainability of the no-cost drive, participants are encouraged to embrace the “bring your own device.”

It is Abuja’s foremost offline social media ensemble, targeted at the use of twitter and other social media platforms for networking, marketing, business, social good and branding. Being passionate about young people and how social media can be transformed as a development tool was the sole reason that the project was created.

The amazing roll call of team members that has journeyed with me for the sake of #AdoptATweep:

#AdoptATweep: @AdoptATweep

Kolo Kenneth Kadiri: @KoloKennethK

Ikechi Ugwoeje: @IkechiUgwoeje

Adeyemi Opeyemi: @OjaySays

Esther Agbarakwe: @estherclimate

Uanikhehi Ized: @zegbua

Jeremiah O. Agenyi: @JerryAgenyi

Emesiri Omofuoma: @DDancersAcademy

Omozokpea Cyril: @CyrilO

Appreciations and some more:

I cannot end this memoir without taking time out to appreciate all that have been a part of this impressive journey. I will do my best to capture all and will definitely keep updating as more clarity unveils.

  1. Nwokobia Chris: He gave us the first ever working space to use as the venue for our events, Sofa Leather Lounge. It was a partnership fostered by a simple random tweet asking for venue recommendation. I will remain forever grateful Sir. You showed rare admiration to what you believed was a worthy cause even when there was not much to it. Thank you.
  2. Ezekiel Solesi: He helped us take the entire project from a low hanging fruit proposition to a more inspiring one. He brought in the amazing partnership that saw his project Enterprise Development Conference become a trusted partner of our cause. Furthermore, he facilitated our subsequent partnership with Hawthorn Suites Abuja.
  3. Hawthorn Suites Abuja: This partnership can as well be described as the best we ever had. We got so much client discounts that words will not be enough to reel out my thankfulness.
  4. Save the Children, Nigeria: Our very own Big Brother. They took on this cause with so much commitment. Thank you very much for a brilliant and remarkable opportunity to partner with your brand even as we worked towards Social Good.
  5. Nnamdi Anyanwu: He made his photography service, So photography, available to us. Excited at the sheer awesomeness of this brilliant and remarkable young man.
  6. Ladipo Olakunle: He is the Creative Director at Ladi Visuals. Photography is numero uno in his priority list and that is something to be excited about. Thank you for the awesome collaboration.
  7. Partnership for Transforming Health Systems Phase II: Thankful for an amazing partnership. The value yield cannot be fully explained. Thank you.
  8. Hall of PhotosDeep thanks to Melanie. You had no reason to partner with us but you did and I am truly thankful. God bless you.
  9. Studio XtraThank you Adesuwa for the trust and endorsement. I will ever remain thankful to you. You have been a huge blessing. Thank you.
  10. All Attendees: You are the reason for the season. Thank you for honouring us with your time. It has been a huge pleasure sharing these learning moments with you. Keep soaring.
  11. Team #AdoptATweep: Thank you Kolo, Ikechi, Ojay, Esther, Kara, Ized, Cyril, Jerry… I love you all. You made the journey effortless. I appreciate your commitment and your passion. Thank you with all my heart.

The Big announcement:

It has been a soul inspiring moment writing this post. I wish to announce that I have completely stepped away from managing and running with the brilliant journey that the #AdoptATweep project presents. The new runners are equipped with superb skills and they bring to the table, an unparalleled level of excitement and purpose. I am getting older… Lol! I guess it is time to take a bow and allow the infusion of new heights of creativity. It has been real. I am thankful and will always be. The learning experiment has lasted for about 30 Months and has now been rested. Connect with the team at Digital Media Development Initiative for more learning opportunities.


I had always assumed that I was the first individual to use the hashtag #AdoptATweep. I recently found out that the pleasure is not entirely mine. The first ever usage of the hashtag was by Duffy Gillman who tweets as @bittabuffalo. This was as far back as June 2009. (Source: