“For too long, Nigeria and Nigerians have been readily associated with online scams, financial crime and impersonation – termed ‘419’. However, beyond the unfortunate stereotyping, there are several positive characteristics and cogent intriguing traits of the country, Nigeria and its people, some of which are highlighted below as part of the ‘419 Reasons to Like Nigeria’ campaign which enlisted 100 volunteers and bloggers to share reasons why they like Nigeria. These reasons echo the voices of Nigerians, with resonating similar themes.” ~ The 419Positive Project

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419 Reasons to Like Nigeria: 036 – 047

Nigeria – The Country

  1. Nigeria is blessed by all standards. 441 natural resources, more than 400 tribes, we are the happiest people on earth according to a 2003 world survey.

  2. Nigeria has got diversity of everything on offer — language (more than two hundred), cuisine, landscape (mangrove swamps, rain-forests, savannah, mountains, and deserts), etc.

  3. Nigeria is a country where there’s always something to laugh about. There are dull moments but they never last.

  4. Nigeria’s business capital is the city of Lagos, where there’s never a dull moment. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or you’re watching TV, there’s always someone to serve up some drama.

  5. The Nigerian Green and White flag is a notable national symbol. The green colour symbolises agriculture, seeing that the country is endowed with masses of arable land, while the white colour signifies unity and peace. Other national symbols include the Nigerian Coat of Arms, which depicts an eagle on a black shield, trisected by two wavy silver bands, and supported on either side by two chargers. The national motto underlies the coat-of -arms: “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.” Her national symbols convey great meaning to its people.

  6. Nigeria is the land of the politics and the politically informed. Despite a large illiterate population according to statistics, most people listen to the radio and are well informed on things going on around the world. You could even run into a person who knows the capital of the American state of Nebraska. Almost everybody in Nigeria is very interested in politics, especially Nigerian politics. Nigerians are highly opinionated and passionate people. There is nothing lukewarm about being Nigerian.

  7. The Nigerian accent is currently ranked by CNN Global Experiences as the 5th sexiest accent in the world.

  8. Nigeria is blessed with natural resources, abundant solid minerals and huge potential for growth in the manufacturing industry.

  9. Nigeria is described to have one of the most unique names ever for a president – Goodluck Jonathan.

  10. Reflecting love for its young ones, Nigeria offers free immunization under the National Programme for Immunization with an aim to eradicate childhood killer diseases.

  11. With regard to preserving her most valued resource, people, the Nigerian National health insurance scheme was established and has enabled more accessibility to healthcare for people and their families at minimal costs.

  12. Nigeria is home to Nollywood, one of the world’s biggest film industries.


Disclaimer: The above post was published with permission from the team lead of The 419Positive Project, Rosemary Ajayi. For details about the project, feel free to contact her via Twitter at @rmajayi.

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